The challenge “Elles entreprennent’2020”

The participation deadline is postponed to the 20/01/2020


ATFI launches the second session of the challenge “LES ENTREPRENNENT”.


The expected objectives from this challenge are:

  • Develop innovative solutions in response to societal issues
  • Encourage young people’s creativity and provide them with adequate support to turn their ideas into concrete projects



  • The launch of a challenge to develop solutions to 7 “sectorial” problematics
  • The selection of 4 candidates for each announced issue
  • Accompanying selected candidates for 4 months
  • The selection and announcement of the best projects (1 per issue) at the ATFI’s annual conference

Some selected projects can be supported by our incubators or business angels partners to be accompanied after the end of the challenge.

The poblematics are related to the following sectors :

  • Health: Solutions to improve patient support
  • Cultural tourism: Promotion of tangible and intangible heritage
  • Ecotourism: Encouragement of tourist circuits in relationship with ecological initiatives
  • Eco-construction: Initiatives to promote eco-construction
  • Food waste: Solutions to reduce food waste
  • Waste management: Initiatives for better waste management (recycling, treatment, etc.)
  • Urban and Rural Transport: Initiatives / Solutions to Improve Urban and Rural Transport


Additional information are given in the presentation of the challenge