Project « I7LEM »

Project « I7LEM »

Among the objectives of ATFI is to contribute effectively to the economic and social development of our country through the development of talents and skills available to women engineers and thus benefit the most marginalized areas and living in precariousness.

In addition to this vision that rhymes with the context of sustainability, this project responds to the values and ethics of the association, the human in the context of solidarity and not charity.

Thus the “I7LEM” Project is part of the actions promised by the ATFI in partnership with public and state institutions (PP Partnership) in perfect harmony with the foundations of sustainability and corporate social responsibility especially that the target is our future generation (children and young adolescents), the areas of intervention are the most disadvantaged and marginalized areas and where the new generations do not have access to opportunities that allow them to have a clear vision and the occurrence of future projects. This vision comes naturally from a dream hence the name of the action “I7LEM”

Days – Workshops / Action are organized in partnership with state institutions operating in the field of youth leadership (PP Partnership)

  • It consists in stimulating and inciting the target public to bring out the potential it has through exercises, fun games, pedagogical approaches appropriate to this kind of action
  • The ATFI has great potential that perfectly matches the aims of the project in terms of skills.

Several female engineers are in addition to their basic training (academic), trainers in soft skills, life coaches … and suddenly they volunteer to animate the actions to promote in the framework of this project.

  • The ATFI also recommends to do a follow-up (sponsorship) of the profiles who presented more perseverance and to take the necessary measures in order to succeed the continuity of the action.
  • A first action was realized in partnership with the home of young of Mnihla with children of 10 at 15 years old on 30-03-2019.